Hyla squirella, 11 June 2016

Hyla squirella, the Squirrel treefrog;
Monroe county, Florida (11 June 2016).

The Squirrel treefrog, Hyla squirella, is one of Florida’s wide-ranging, native treefrog species. They are also quite variable in coloration and pattern and are sometimes confused as being smallish American green treefrogs (Hyla cinerea). Further, when you see one Squirrel treefrog, the odds are particularly strong that there are many, many more nearby. I tend to find them in rather dense clusters, though occasionally I’ll come across a loner. Though rather small in stature, the chorus and nightsong of Squirrel treefrogs can be damn near deafening — especially after a nice rain and when they’re singing in a collective. This is a species that knows how to throw a good party and make some serious noise!

Learn more about the Squirrel treefrog.

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