Crotalus horridus, 12 June 2013

Crotalus horridus, the Timber rattlesnake;
Lower coastal plain of Georgia (12 June 2013).

Upon moving back to the American southeast after four glorious years in Anchorage, Alaska, we spent two years working in Valdosta, Georgia, just north of the Florida border. Though Valdosta ultimately proved to be rather disappointing in more than a few ways, I truly adored the surrounding wilderness. Southern Georgia is truly something special. I spent a great deal of time romping about Lowndes and Lanier counties — partially to get away from people but mostly to get closer to the remarkable biodiversity of that region. The species feature here was certainly one I was anxious to find: The Timber rattlesnake, Crotalus horridus.

My home territory, where I live now in Volusia county, Florida, is a bit south of the Timber rattlesnake’s typical range. This isn’t a species I grew up with, so I was eager to find one while living in Valdosta. This particular trucker certainly didn’t disappoint. Big, thick, and stubborn, this was a classic Timber rattlesnake. Pound for pound, it was truly an awesome rattlesnake. Of course, being a rattlesnake, this is a venomous species and should thus be afforded great respect and due caution. It is not, however, aggressive or something to be terrified of. Give this trucker some space, and it’ll go its own way.

Looking at these photographs today, I’m reminded that I need to head up to Georgia at some point to try to track down more!

NOTE: In the coastal plains of Georgia, the Timber rattlesnake is sometimes commonly referred to as the “Canebrake” rattlesnake; Timbers and Canebrakes two common names for the same species.


Learn more about the Timber rattlesnake.

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