Anolis cybotes, 21 January 2017

Anolis cybotes, the Largehead anole;
Broward county, Florida (21 January 2017).

The Largehead anole, Anolis cybotes, is yet another non-native anole species now residing in isolated parts of South Florida. It’s one of the rarer anole species down south and is only really known from a few concentrated populations (only one of which I’ve been able to confirm). For years, this was one of my “holy grail” (damn near mythic) species — a species I was desperate to find but never really believed I would find. Imagine my delight, then, when we found and photographed half a dozen Largehead anoles in close proximity to one another! Rah! Featured on this post is merely the first of many such individuals to be shared on floridensis in time. This species is native to Hispaniola. It is also awesome beyond reason.

Learn more about anoles at!

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