Seirarctia echo, 18 March 2013

Seirarctia echo, the Echo moth;
Volusia county, Florida (18 March 2015).

Winter is slowly and begrudgingly giving way to Spring here in central Florida. I expect the caterpillars to start showing up in greater numbers. Some of the adult moths have actually already popped up — as they often do in March. Featured here is the adult form of the Echo moth, Seirarctia echo, one of our more-common moth species (though the caterpillars are more frequently seen than the caterpillar forms). This particular individuals was photographed in March of 2013. A simple, elegant, and downright polished design, these moths have. I can get lost in that golden trim, those deep yellow legs, and that fuzzy patch.


Learn more about the Echo moth.

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