Anolis garmani, 06 August 2017

Anolis garmani, the Jamaican giant anole;
Miami-Dade county, Florida (06 August 2017).

The Jamaican giant anole, Anolis garmani, is (yet another) non-native anole lizard now scratching out a living in pockets of southern Florida. They certainly aren’t widespread throughout south Florida, however. Unlike the non-native Cuban knight anoles (Anolis equestris) in the area, I’ve only found the Jamaican giants in a relatively small(ish) area. Though I’ve managed to get my hands on and photograph a few smaller A. garmani, I haven’t yet had a chance to get my hands on a larger adult — like the one featured here. It was a close catch, but alas… this Jamaican giant managed to escape the close proximity of my 60mm macro lens. Maybe one day… In the meantime, I can ogle these images of a Jamaican giant biding itself in the plenty of time amidst the tropical of Miami-Dade county.

Learn more about anoles at Anole Annals!

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