Protonotaria citrea, 10 April 2016

Protonotaria citrea, the Prothonotary warbler;
Lake county, Florida (10 April 2016).

The Prothonotary warbler, Protonotaria citrea, is a small species that spends much of its time rooting about the ground and fallen foliage near calm bodies of water (such as swamps, lakes, and the like). They’re apparently rather fond of areas with dead trees —fallen or still standing— and utilize old woodpecker holes and such for nesting. As for this individual, it was chomping down on a tiny spider when I found it. The bird did its thing for a few minutes, hopping back and forth, and then went on about its day. I admit I’m not a mega-fan of the Passeriformes, but this was one seriously awesome bird. Bright, colorful, active, and apparently a lover of the water’s edge — much like myself.

Learn more about the Prothonotary warbler.

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