Neoconocephalus triops, 08 March 2015

Neoconocephalus triops, the Broad-tipped conehead katydid;
Volusia county, Florida (08 March 2015).

Ranging throughout much of the southern United States (especially in the southeast), the Broad-tipped conehead katydid, Neoconocephalus triops, is a decent-sized ‘hopper. Depending on a combination of sex and season, this species can variably be either bright green or dull brown. In our neighborhood, this is one of the more common species of katydids we encounter. Fortunately, it is not considered to be a nuisance to any local or regional crops. In short, it’s simply a kick ass katydid species that shows up from time time — with all its conehead glory.

Learn more about the Broad-tipped conehead katydid.

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