Egretta thula, 11 August 2015

Egretta thula, the Snowy egret;
Volusia county, Florida (11 August 2015).

There are many, many reasons to love going to the beach where I live. The sun, the surf, and that fantastically thick and salty seabreeze… The sights, the sounds, the textures, and occasionally, when the wave hits you just right, the tastes… Seashells and sargassum, dunes and sea oats. Truly, you never really know what’s going to wash up or swim by when you’re hanging out at the thin line where the land meets the sea, where North America forfeits dominion to the Atlantic. One thing you can count on, however, are birds. Lots of birds. Featured here is one of our most common: the uncommonly elegant and beautiful Snowy egret, Egretta thula. Though certainly not limited to the beach (they’re damn near everywhere!), there’s nothing quite like watching a Snowy egret grace its way down the coastline in search of good-eats.




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