Nerodia floridana, 01 March 2015

Nerodia floridana, the Florida green watersnake;
Lake county, Florida (01 March 2015).

The Florida green watersnake, Nerodia floridana, is one of Florida’s robustly-sized non-venomous watersnakes. Though often confused as being a venomous Florida cottonmouth (Agkistrodon conanti), this species is entirely non-venomous. It prefers to bask upon grassy/reed-like vegetation floating atop calm bodies of freshwater (such as lakes and ponds). When startled, the Florida green watersnake is quick to slip down and disappear into the water. It is in no way aggressive, but the Florida green watersnake will vigorously fight to defend itself if grabbed by a human. From the snake’s perspective, however, it is simply trying to protect itself!

Learn more about the Florida green watersnake.

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