Cosmosoma myrodora, 20 September 2015

Cosmosoma myrodora, the Scarlet-bodied wasp moth;
Volusia county, Florida (20 September 2015; Nikon D7100).

The Scarlet-bodied wasp moth, Cosmosoma myrodora, is a distinctive and vivid species ranging throughout the coastal regions of the American southeast and the entirety of the Floridian peninsula. Though it has the word “wasp” in its common name, this is a moth through and through. With a life cycle limited to 50-60 days, this species certainly knows how to rock coloration in its final, adult form; its red base with blue accenting is particularly striking. Though not necessarily “common” where I live, I do see these moths clamoring around our home from time to time in the evening hours. The Scarlet-bodied wasp moth is hard to miss — even though they are rather tiny.



Learn more about this species

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