Anolis sagrei, 27 November 2015

Anolis sagrei, the Brown anole;
Monroe county, Florida (27 November 2015, Nikon D7100).

The Cuban brown anole, Anolis sagrei, is a non-native species very well established throughout the entirety of peninsular Florida (and increasingly-so further to the north and west). Adapted to scratching a living fairly low to the ground, Brown anoles are fast and acutely alert lizards. They’re also primarily diurnal, which made this individual a treat to work with. By this time (8:30 pm or so in late November), Brown anoles are typically bunkered down for the night. I found this one hanging out near a small human structure, calmly coping with the relative cool of south Florida’s version of late-November.

Visit Anole Annals to learn more about this and other anole species!

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